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On August 14th

Elect a Sheriff with the Experience to Keep us Safe & Leadership to Enact Progressive Reforms

With 32 years of experience in the Sheriff’s office, Democrat Richard Schmidt has the experience and leadership to serve and protect Milwaukee County residents.

Under Schmidt’s leadership, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office has taken great strides since the departure of David Clarke. Schmidt has turned the page on David Clarke and has begun to transform the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office, making tremendous progress in cleaning up the mess left by his predecessor.


Schmidt has taken a new approach as Sheriff, and he has aggressively implemented new progressive reforms that are already improving community safety. We must work to rebuild trust with law enforcement officers in Milwaukee County – and that starts by listening to the needs and concerns of community residents. After years of being ignored by David Clarke, Schmidt has reengaged community leaders and is working to restore trust in the Sheriff’s office.


Protecting public safety is important – including the safety of people in custody with the Sheriff’s office. Schmidt has acted swiftly to reform the Milwaukee County jail, and the independent National Institute of Corrections credits Schmidt for aggressively addressing the long list of problems in the County jail that he inherited from his predecessor David Clarke [SOURCE:]


The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office needs to be a model in treating people fairly, especially in engaging with African-Americans and people of color. The Sheriff’s office should prioritize having a staff that is highly trained in engaging with people who have health issues, including substance abuse, mental health issues, and trauma.


Under Sheriff Richard Schmidt, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office has been on the right track in both upholding and sharing these values. Schmidt has a proven track record of promoting racial equity, treating people fairly, understanding trauma and mental health issues, providing transparency, and ensuring fiscal accountability.


Let’s continue the progress we’ve made and continue to prioritize public safety, fairness, racial equity, transparence, and accountability in our Sheriff’s office – vote for Sheriff Richard Schmidt.

Here are the reforms that Sheriff Schmidt has already completed or is working on:


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